Sustainability and Environmental issues

MKP believe that a holistic design approach and 'green' engineering offer the best long term value for our clients and we recognise the contribution that we can make to Sustainable Development both through the advice that we provide to customers and in the way we conduct our own business.

We understand that Sustainable Development needs to be embedded in our business strategies, decision making, and practices at all levels to enable ongoing, long-term success.

Simulation software is used as a tool to test design ideas by providing data that enables the project team to analyse environmental performance and deliver cost effective solutions.

There is increased pressure on design teams to collaborate effectively when considering the marriage of services and the fabric of a building to achieve low carbon emissions. This is achieved by utilising extensive experience of low energy design and promoting the collaboration of all members of the design team from the outset

To support the implementation of this, we are committed to the establishment of effective governance and management practices. This will be facilitated by focused communications and training for all employees.

The concept of sustainability is complex which involves social, economic and environmental aspects and the delivery of highly sustainable projects relies heavily on strong teamwork and commitment from the Client.

MKP is committed to reducing its environmental impacts and to developing a culture of continuous environmental improvement through:

  • Prioritisation of sustainable objectives to enable a structured approach to meet or exceed local and national planning or legislative requirements