Vosper Thorneycroft Shipbuilding Facility

MKP designed the mechanical and electrical services for the extension of construction hall B2, ship building facility for Vosper Thorneycroft surface fleet division. The building is used for producing key parts of the new Type 45 destroyers at its new £60m yard in Portsmouth. This building is an important maritime manufacturing facility located in this historic naval dockyard. This is an industrial building on an impressive scale, housing two tiers of heavy-duty overhead cranes.

Although the majority of the building was un-heated the sheer scale and size of the building required in depth co-ordination with the numerous specialist sub-contractors. MKP took a lead role in the services co-ordination.

With 37 weeks to complete the project and a budget of £9 million, the only way to succeed was to engage and work closely with the suppliers. The partnership would bring together the best skills available, by playing to everyone’s strengths and engaging the whole Supply Chain, there was an opportunity to reduce risk. Amidst the sense of urgency to deliver on time, trust had to be created amongst the individuals concerned.

The team developed a behavioural charter to document our single shared mission, focusing on teamwork in a no blame culture, mutually supporting our partners, and recognising the need for everyone to succeed and make a profit. Only by living and breathing the charter could the partners begin to cement the trust, encouraged through a number of team building activities in the early stages to create the personal relationships that we would later come to depend on.

The development, deep within the busy naval base, was complicated by an instruction not to interrupt the base’s construction capabilities as well as a 37-week build time. Nonetheless, the M&E services installation on the construction hall was completed two weeks ahead of schedule.