"They're flexible and they all keep a cool head. Sometimes the parameters of a project change as it evolves; MKP are never flustered, they provide constancy and serve as great anchor-point for the project."

"This was a complex project and MKP designed everything that makes the place tick across a diversity of buildings in a campus scenario."

"I've worked with them for 6 years and intend to carry on working with them. I can rely on their commitment, their adherence to budgets and their innovative input; total professionals."
Ian Daly, Project Manager, Ineos Capital 

"MKP is very pro-active and are always looking into better ways of doing things. I like the way their team integrates as well; they always field the right expert for the right aspect of the task."
"Working with MKP is always refreshing. Any problems you have, they treat them as their own. They bring a real hands-on approach and they work very hard for their money; that means, as a client, you can always rely on getting value for money from a professional partner, one you can trust."

'Everything worked from the very first time it was switched on. There were no teething problems at all. I am more than happy with MKP."

'I have built up a team of external specialists I can trust implicitly. MKP is an intrinsic part of that team."

"Our users at the college are extremely demanding due to the exacting demands of the research environment. They praised the excellence of this installation. And that's praise indeed."

"MKP is totally hands-on; dealing with problems as soon as they arise. They understand our needs. It's the basis of a great relationship."
Malcolm Pearson, Birkbeck College